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Distance Learning NCPACE, sometimes referred to as "Technology Delivered" NCPACE, is provided by ten colleges and universities. Alphabetically, they are Central Texas College, Coastline Community College, Dallas Telecollege, ECPI University, Governors State University, Old Dominion University, Saint Leo University, Thomas Edison State College, University of Oklahoma and Vincennes University. Collectively, they offer over two hundred and seventy courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Several associate degrees, bachelor's degrees and a few masters degrees are available through Distance Learning NCPACE. Degree Maps are available in the 'NCPACE Colleges' section on this website.

Distance Learning NCPACE is delivered primarily using self-paced CD-ROM technology, since afloat conditions aboard deployed vessels preclude reliable and consistent Internet access. In addition, there are courses offered by PDA/Pocket PC and MP4 format.

Distance Learning NCPACE is offered as an alternative to Instructor Led NCPACE for those Sailors who cannot attend regularly scheduled classroom format or those Sailors who desire the convenience of a self-paced study environment. First-time students taking college courses should consider taking a traditional instructor led class before attempting a distance learning course.

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